CREATING BRIDGES ACROSS EUROPE: The Eurodesk Multipliers Seminar 2024

In the heart of Belgium an event, where every interaction becomes a thread weaving the fabric of collaboration, unfolded. From 27th to 30th of May, Eurodesk Multipliers Seminar 2024 took place in Brussels, Belgium – a convergence of minds, ideas, and youth workers – was more than just a gathering, it was a catalyst for growth and knowledge.

In this four-day event, participants from all corners of Europe were eager to share their diverse backgrounds and unique experiences to enhance the cooperation among multipliers and their organizations. By insightful seminars and workshops, that opened our eyes to new information and initiatives in youth mobility and education, to testing new youth engagement games, AI based tools, and getting hands-on with creative digital communication strategies, it was the perfect program to build the energy felt in this venue. The ideas were flowing, and the boundaries of possibility were pushed.

As the sun dipped below the horizon, the evenings blossomed into cultural exchange, with events like the “Organisations Fair and International Night” providing the perfect blend of unity and celebration though difference. And let’s not forget the “Eurodesk Awards Ceremony” on the rooftop – a celebration of achievements under the Brussels stars which is incredibly inspiring and makes us aspire to win the award next year.

One of the highlights is, without question, the outstanding multipliers and youth professionals who took part, from all over Europe. Through brainstorming sessions or casual chats over coffee breaks, the connections we made are sure to spark exciting collaborations in the future to come! The Best Practice Pitches were also a standout, showcasing groundbreaking projects that opened our minds to new possibilities and inspiration of new ways to engage and empower youth in our own community.

Therefore, I return home, energized and ready to implement the knowledge I got. This seminar was more than an event… It was the creation of bridges across Europe.



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