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We look for solutions and not excuses. We aim to be better.

All the goals we have listed below would not be complete if there hadn’t been a unifying philosophy behind them. Simply ‘being better’ sounds subjective and abstract, therefore we will briefly define what this concept means for us:

  • Without ego – We work with a like-minded collective of people, not followers. We use “We”, not “I”.
  • We want to be better than yesterday every single day.
  • We believe in the following problem-solving methodology: Problem → Study → Validation → Solution


Story of Shumen in Graffiti
26 - 29 June 2020
Recycle Art
02 Oct 2019
Shumen Awake Street Art Festival
07-09 June 2019
Art talks
may 2019
TimeHeroes Award for the project Youth Sphere
Award for inspirational practice
Официално учредяване
Формално раждане
Youth Sphere
Sept 2018
Able Mentor Shumen Season 1
Изкуството да говориш пред публика с гост Юли Тонкин
300 души участници гости
Business Stories vol. 3 - vol.6
Hackaton Code 4 Tech Shumen
Oct 2016
Business Stories vol.1
Предприемаческа академия Crew 21
Първата академия за развиване на бизнес идея в Шумен
Born of unformal group PODBRI
Mission & Goals
Mission & Goals

For a better environment,
with better people.

Improving the environment is a complex process that requires a holistic approach to mark our improvements. We work in the following areas:


Entrepreneurship is a key premise for the prosperity and development of a community. Through the development of an entrepreneurial environment and skills, we want to educate a generation of determined young people who are ready to take risks and work consistently in the name of their ideas. We want to support communication between citizens, institutions and businesses.


Placemaking is a holistic approach that includes the community in the process of creation or transformation of public spaces. This is exactly the approach we use to design functional, sustainable and consistent projects which fulfill the needs and follow the values of the local community.

Civil activity

Being a citizen, you are not just a resident of a particular town or a village, you are an active participant in the public life, affecting the wellbeing of the community. We aim to create an environment in which young people take responsibility and participate in projects and solutions which contribute to all citizens and are socially useful.


The idea of sustainability often comes up in times of crisis. We believe that in Bulgaria we can adopt a new mentality to include sustainability in our everyday life. Modern environmental and energy problems may seem unsolvable, until someone decides to make the first step towards solving them.


We aim to create policies and practices to enhance inclusion and respectful engagement with different groups. Podobri works towards increasing the respectful engagement among those from diverse cultures and decrease intolerant practices by community members.


All the goals listed so far have one thing in common - they all aim to innovate. For us here in Podobri, innovations - whether technical or social - are a necessary part of the process of improving our environment.