Youth Sphere

About the project.

Podobri” Foundation is one of the initiators and main partners of the project “Youth Sphere”. The idea emerged in 2018 because we saw that in Shumen needed an alternative space to gather and unite young people in town.

The project was completed with the common effort of the following organisations: Youth Council Shumen (with Peter Bodurov as chairman at the time), the Shumen design studio Love2Design, “Podobri” Foundation (still as an informal organisation), “Aldora” as well as more than 50 volunteers at various organisations.

The initiative itself was accomplished thanks to the support of the association “BG Be Active”. The project “Youth Sphere” won among more than 200 nominees and was one of the selected projects in the competition “_SpotBulgaria- Volunteering with an Impact” to be funded with 5 700 EUR.

Planning and building the “Youth Sphere” was implemented through the method “placemaking” in which the community and the citizens determine the functions, location and vision of the project based on their needs.

“Youth Sphere” at the moment is a cultural space and a stage for different cultural events.

For its short existence, the place has hosted many events, including: literary readings, book presentations, charity concerts, children’s workshops, career guidance events, ecology academies and more. The furniture was handcrafted with the help of the volunteers and was also decorated with pictures and quotes from famous movies and literary works.

The project “Youth Sphere” received recognition in the third edition of the annual volunteering awards HEROES, organised by TimeHeroes. There, we received the award for an “Inspiring Practice”. 

Placemaking, Civic activity
Love 2 Design, Youth Council Shumen, BGBeActive, ALDORA, YOUTH RED CROSS Shumen, Shumen Municipality