Clean Shumen

about the project.

The aim of Clean Shumen is to make our city the cleanest in Bulgaria using civil participation, behavioural patterns, and new technologies. We believe that the city, not only has to be cleaned but it has to remain clean in the future. Because of that we will be keeping an eye on the cleaned areas and ensure that they remain clean.
The symbiosis of all makes us believe that we can transform Shumen into a sustainable city.


  1. Find a poluted area. When you find a poluted area in the city do not pass by!

2. Make a photo! Show us the polluted area!

3. Locate and report! Use our platform to locate the area. Send us your photo and fill out the form. If the area meets the requirements you will earn a prize – a badge!

4. Clean it up! If you clean the polluted area and make a photo of the collected waste you will earn a mug!

5. Measure the quantities of the collected waste! To measure the well-done job we will expect you to show us the quantity of the collected waste. If you collect more than 25 kilos you will earn a prize – T-shirt.

6. At the end – before and after photo! We challenge you for one last time! Make a before and after photo and we will share your example in order to inspire others!

About our partners

The Clean Shumen project is part of the long-term programme of the BG Be active society – _Spot Bulgaria, financed by the Coca-Cola foundation.

The purpose of the initiative is to increase the civil activism and responsibility in the process of communicating, cleaning and developing of urban areas and maintaining beautiful, comfortable and clean urban zones.

Another important initiative is the reduction and recycling of waste, especially near water basins.

Local partner of the initiative is Podobri foundation and the Clean Shumen project is part of the activities of the organisation.