Shumen Awakes Festival

About the project.

Shumen Аwakes Festival – is the first street festival of this kind and scale in Shumen. The main aim of the festival’s first edition in 2019 was to bridge the gap between street artists, dancers, hip hop musicians and the citizens of Shumen. The festival became a platform for street art in all its various forms – music (hip hop and R’n’B), graffiti, street dance, and street sports such as streetball, skateboarding, biking and parkour. The variety of performances gave the opportunity to all participants and visitors of the festival to find some form of street art that entertains and inspires them. 

Throughout the three festival days we organized a grafilly plein air, where 20 of the leading graffiti artists in Shumen and Bulgaria transformed “Studentski” park into a canvas of their unique art. Participants of the festival took part in tournaments and demonstrations of street dance and sports. In the live show “Yomruk”, some of the artists shared their personal stories and answered direct question from the audience, which opened an art forum for visitors and participants of the festival. 

All this turned “Shumen Awakes” into a colorful, noisy, interesting and different initiative to promote street art and put Shumen on the map of the cities developing street art. The events of the festivals were free of charge for all visitors and they supported the development of local artists and performers through the opportunity to showcase their talent on the stage of the fest. 

 “Podobri” Foundation is one of the main organisers of the festival, holding all copyrights.

Festival, Street Art, Culture
YOMRUK, Shumen Municipality, Shumensko Pivo