ReCycle Art

about the project.

Re(Cycle)Art – The aim of our project “Recycle Art” was to combine the aesthetics of art with the importance of recycling. The art installation plays the role of a reminder to society as it is placed next to the “Youth Sphere”, encouraging its visitors to recycle their waste. In addition to that we aim to highlight that small steps are key when it comes to protecting the environment – recycling, reusing and reducing our usage of plastic are actions that require minimal effort but have a huge overall impact. 

The project took place according to the following steps: 

  1. We organised a workshop where experts in the field of recycling demonstrated the most efficient way to recycle our waste and explained the waste processing mechanism in our area. 
  2. With a team of volunteers we did a cleanup of the area around the “Youth Sphere” and used some of the collected rubbish in the making of the art installation. 
  3. And finally, we built the “(Re)cycleArt” installation which included the recyclable waste that was collected during the cleaning, recycling bins and some additional art elements. We covered the installation with some inspiring “green” messages which had the aim to provoke people and make them play an active role in keeping the area clean. 

The initiative was a result of the joined effort of “Podobri” Foundation, the  interior studio DESIGNitsa and Love 2 Design. The project “Recycle Art” was  organised on 05.10.2019 in Shumen.

Рециклиране, Устойчивост
Партньорски организации:
Love 2 Design, Designitsa